Couples Therapy

Режиссеры Attila Peter Miklosy

Сценаристы Attila Peter Miklosy

Продюсеры Attila Peter Miklosy

Жанр Comedy, Drama, Romance

Продолжительность 00:10:30

Страна Австралия


A fatigued couple (Teddy Beargovski and Debra Honeypunch) has run out of spark in their relationship. Worn out by their daily challenges, the pair has become distant to each other. Their lack of sharing has led to conflicts, which has become a never-ending fight between the two. They visit a Couple's Therapist (Dr. Richard Junglejuice a.k.a. Dr. Dick) in the hope that he will help them put a stop to their endless fighting, find a cure for their absence of intimacy and maybe reignite their fire again.