Режиссёры Alessandro Marzullo

Сценаристы Alessandro Marzullo, Valerio Chicca

Продюсеры Leblon Communication, Marina Ruggiero

Жанр Romance

Продолжительность 00:11:00

Страна Италия


The story is set in a film that repeats itself endlessly. The characters only live within their own shots, but they are unaware of this. Each member of the cast plays his or her role, following the script to the letter, in a film that runs in a loop. Marco is an extra: he does his job; washing the floor every time Rachel, the protagonist, goes down the corridor in his shot. Seeing her walk past him an infinite number of times, Marco falls in love with Rachel. He tries to follow her out of the shot, but this is impossible: every time he goes out of the shot on one side he reappears on the opposite side. This is how he realizes he is nothing but an extra in a film. Imprisoned in the only living space he has, he is willing to do anything to win Rachel’s heart. A love story between the two seems impossible, but in a film, even a lowly extra can become the protagonist.