Be(er) a Hero

Режиссёры Johanna Herrmann

Сценаристы Johanna Herrmann

Продюсеры Niclas Scheiblich


Продолжительность 00:05:32

Страна Германия


Passion, hard work and a mixture of hand-picked ingredients create our vibrant, distinctive taste.Welcome to a tale of two intertwining worlds, true heroes, and an initially unremarkable protago- nist, who will tap into strengths, he never knew he possessed– all because of the exceptional power of a good pint of beer. Mixed with breathtaking visual effects to create a full flavor, this hand-crafted original is meant to be served ice-cold and with a twinkle in the eye.Whether or not you are a fan of beer this short film encourages everybody to be just a little more generous - and to become an everyday hero themselves.