Dark Moments

Режиссёры Sumeet Rajpurohit

Сценаристы Sumeet Rajpurohit

Продюсеры Vanessa Stroppa, Kubilay Gunther


Продолжительность 00:07:00

Страна Индия


Abdul, finds himself locked in a dark room. Soon, he realizes his critical situation when he hears cries, coming from his daughter, Sara. He tries to calm her down as an angry man appears. Some action takes place. Beaten up, a helpless Abdul, sees the angry man taking away his child. Abdul hears sounds, and in sorrow, loses hopes for his child, convinced she has been killed. In hope to free himself, he explore the space, and finds a locked gate, giving to the road. He tries to ask for help, while the angry man comes back, this time for him. The man hits Abdul in the head with a butcher cleaver.A phone rings. Abdul wakes up in his meat shop. He is wearing a similar outfit as the angry man. He reaches out for his mobile. It is a call from a Chicken Shop Restaurant. He closes the call. He watches the home screen of his mobile for a moment. A photo of a happy small family. His family. Later on..Abdul comes out to the road. He locks the gate of his shop. He sticks a sign on it. Before walking away, he removes the shop “Meat Shop” sign. The new sign, now on sight reads : “Go Vegan”