SURABHI- (She Dreams)

Режиссёры Dhiraj Kashyap

Сценаристы Dhiraj Kashyap

Продюсеры Biva Kalita


Продолжительность 00:21:51

Страна Индия


SYNOPSIS “SURABHI” Surabhi, a girl of 11 years old and a student of fifth standard is always late in her class. But she never speaks anything and keeps herself mum whenever her teacher scold her or asks her the reason behind her being late. After a few days Surabhi stops going to school. Noticing that when her teacher once wanted to know the reason behind her being absent, one of her class mate tells that Surabhi belong to a very poor family, her mother works in the paddy field as her father does not earn money, where she has to work along with her mother in the paddy field before she comes to school in the morning. As Surabhi does not work whole day in the paddy field, the land lord is not ready to pay her wages. This makes Surabhi’s mother annoyed and starts torturing her physically for going to school and forces her to abandon her school. One day the land lord suggests Surabhi’s mother to send her daughter to his son’s home at Guwahati, who is a doctor, as a maid. Surabhi’s mother agrees to the proposal as it will help them earn their livelihood. Knowing this, Surabhi becomes very upset and depressed as she does not want to give up her studies and go away from her native place and friends. Realising her pain and sorrow, her mother finally decided not to send her anywhere but to allow her to continue her studies and chase her dream.