Режиссёры Stefan Ghedina

Сценаристы Eva Kuen, Peter Schorn

Продюсеры Stefan Ghedina, Arnold Gasser

Жанр Drama

Продолжительность 00:17:28

Страна Италия


Johanna and Paul are a wantless and wealthy couple living an apparently perfect and happy life in their luxury „smart-home“. While Johanna is putting the pastry in the oven, Paul opens the garage using his cell-phone, where he can see Johanna on the security cameras. She seems happy. But underneath the surface, Johanna is missing something. In a historical re-enactment, she fights in the peasant uprisings of 1525 for justice, for passion, for „the real thing“ – for all those long-lost values, virtues and desires that seem buried in our smooth and sterile digital lives. After totally losing it during one show, Johanna has to make a decision about how she wants to live her life...