Water Circles

Режиссёры Franco Bertini, Denny Cecchini

Сценаристы Franco Bertini, Denny Cecchini

Продюсеры Loups Garoux S.R.L., Associazione Culturale Sbagliando S'Impara, Cantieri Teatrali


Продолжительность 00:14:09

Страна Италия


A small group of young hikers walking along the bank of a river see a beautiful rose planted on the riverbed. Curios, Gianluca, the group leader, is about to catch it, when a deep male voice stops him. It is Flavio, a middle-aged man; he cultivated that rose and, like a sacred ritual, every year he spends a day near the river, bringing his rose as a tribute. In the act of leaving the man, Gianluca casually cites the summer camp to which the group of guys belong: the "Mezzamontagna Abbey". On hearing that name, a whirling swirl of memories awakens in Flavio, making the children participate, telling his story. About forty years ago, the Abbey housed a women's college and whose father was the keeper and handyman and consequently that was his home! Despite the severe prohibition on the part of the parent to fraternize with the girls of the college, Flavio, seventeen years old, for the first time in his life, falls in love with Mia, a beautiful girl attending the first year of high school. Secretly disobeying the paternal ban and with the complicity of some friends of Mia, the two lovers manage to meet at night, in the crypt of the church, where they exchange their first and sweet kiss and where Flavio gives the girl a ring as a pledge love. Unfortunately, the two youths do not know that fate has planned their lives in a different way: that night will remain their first and only meeting on their own. The school year is now over and Flavio's father takes the opportunity of a better job abroad, in Germany, taking with him the whole family; the boy is therefore forced to move away from his love without any chance to meet her. Flavio spend four long years without having more news of Mia, but the memory of his love is always stronger to the point that Flavio, now a young adult, decides to return to the Abbey; with a heart in his throat and a rose in his hand he arrives at the college, where he is immediately recognized by Ilaria, the friend of Mia's heart. Excited at the thought of seeing Mia, now grown and attending the last year of school, is frozen by the most terrible news: Mia died, drowned in the river, a few days after his departure for Germany. A sudden illness and there was nothing more to do. And so, from that day, once a year, Flavio had decided to plant the most beautiful rose from his garden, along the river bank, thinking of how their life would be together, if fate had allowed them to live it. The young hikers, though moved by that sad story, resume their trip, to meet shortly thereafter an old fisherman, almost petrified, with his fishing rod in his hand; Gianluca, curious and looking for a comparison of the story of Flavio, asks the old man if he ever heard of a young girl who died in the river many years before, but the answer is a shrug and a sad silence; perhaps that fisherman, who reminds us of Flavio's father, now an old man, knows too well "that story" and feels its full weight.