Between Places

Режиссёры Zlatko Cosic

Сценаристы Zlatko Cosic

Продюсеры Zlatko Cosic

Жанр Experimental Documentary, Family Film

Продолжительность 00:20:00

Страна Соединенные Штаты


Between Places is an experimental documentary that captures the everyday life while visiting my parents 23 years after the war in Yugoslavia.Families occupy a certain space, interact with each other, engage in everyday rituals, prepare meals, tell stories, read, relax, and repeat these ordinary performances each day. While spending time in the house where my parents currently live, I created a documentary where the camera captured us living in a domestic space, focusing on the sounds we make, and peripheral visuals of the environment. Twenty four years have passed since my parents and I lived in our original home during the war when there was limited ability to move about freely. I escaped my country using another identity eventually settling in America, and my parents were forced out of our house and placed in a refugee camp. The years and experiences have changed us, my parents living in another country, a different home, and I visit with an altered identity, even with an accent while speaking my native language. My American wife is also now entwined into the narrative. The video Between Places is a survey of people existing in a space -- different generations, experiences, identities, and languages -- with its beauty and sadness.