Hidden Butterfly

Режиссёры Aki Aitos

Сценаристы Joya Lacy, Adrea Coley-Ojukwu

Продюсеры Joya Lacy


Продолжительность 00:30:36

Страна Соединенные Штаты


A young lady named Butterfly Mcmiller has big dreams of becoming a screenwriter and actress, but she is tied down with a life of brokenness and hidden scars that has trapped her in a cocoon. Butterfly does not have enough strength to transform from a caterpillar to get her beautiful wings and overcome this difficult transitional season in her life. She is from Little Rock, AR. She moves to another state to attend a film school. She meets a young lady named Kelly White and they became best friends for a while until she reveals her real side to Butterfly. Will Butterfly spread her wings and fly towards her dream? Or will she let her fears keep her trapped in a cocoon?