CARGO - DER TRANSPORT (dir. Tournatzés)

Режиссёры Christina Tournatzés

Сценаристы Christina Tournatzés

Продюсеры Matthias Nerlich, Felix Parson, Patricia D'Intino, Leo Pintér

Жанр Fiction, Human, Death, Travel, Ethno, Crime, Female, Germany, Graduation

Продолжительность 00:14:59

Страна Германия


On August 26th, 2015 a convoy of human smugglers lets 71 refugees packed in a truck suffocate to death. At dawn smugglers load 71 people from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran onto a truck to drive them from Hungary to Germany. During the journey, the refugees start knocking and screaming for help. The truck driver faces a dilemma. He hears the people scream and beg for help but receives an order to not open the doors to the cargo area. Over the phone he is pressured by his boss to finish the transport at any cost. The true story happened in August 2015 in Hungary and Austria. Based on the published cell phone protocols of the smugglers, whose phones were being monitored by the Hungarian Government, it gives a shocking insight into a organized smugglers Network in Europe.