Six Home

Режиссёры Ebad Adibpour

Сценаристы Mohammad Salimi Rad

Продюсеры Ebad Adib Pour


Продолжительность 00:03:45

Страна Иран, Исламская Республика


Many girls are playing and ...The cause of the film:I am the child of my war. It's always a concern for children who unconsciously come into play with older adults who are incompletely enlarged. This pain has always been with me. These children are going to follow their path to the world they like but can they choose the route? Do our children know or can they make their own path?Movie conditions:The film was made in a mountainous region in an abandoned village. Beside this village there is a large river, on which there was no bridge for navigation. I had to use several young people to transfer cast and equipment because the water flow was so sharp that it could not be used as an ass or mule. Indigenous people knew the tracks that could flow through these waters. When we got there, it was spring, and the rain began to rain. We had to stay there for a week. Mobile phones were not installed and the indigenous people had gone before us. The gamblers were amateur and were fidgeting because their patrons were not behind them. We had to consume less food. Because of the fact that they were not familiar with such environments, the actors suffered from difficult exercises during the intensive exercises, and they were also in trouble. Due to the rugged path of a few people during filming. Also, a shotgun hit the water and a local person was charged with water and provided us with broken supplies.