Midnight Run

Режиссеры Remya Raj

Сценаристы Remya Raj

Продюсеры Satheesh Eriyalath, Maneesh Narayanan


Продолжительность 00:14:18

Страна Индия


Midnight Run is a realistic drama that takes place over the span of one single night. It revolves around a young boy who comes out from a scrap yard on a festive night and reaches a road. To achieve his goal, he is compelled to hitch a ride with a trucker. Despite his attempts to strike a friendship with the driver, he fails, and his question creates an uncomfortable ambiance in the truck. Slowly, a frightening danger starts to loom over the boy and there seems to be no escape possible. Midnight Run tries to realistically portray fear's ability to trigger a complete transformation in people.