The Last Lesson

Режиссёры Francesco Borchi

Сценаристы Francesco Borchi

Продюсеры Lukas Mracek, Tomas Hruska, Francesco Borchi


Продолжительность 00:12:30

Страна Италия


Sebastian is a thirty years old man who tries to fulfill his dream of becoming a writer. His wife Angela, instead, is fine with the perspective of a normal life. The result is that they no longer look like a couple. Out of the blue, Angela inherits an apartment. All would be normal, if it wasn’t that the apartment was Kroos’, an old literature teacher recently passed away, to whom Sebastian was very close and that had no connection with Angela. All that’s left for Sebastian is to ask himself: "Why her?" The last lesson is a journey in the head of Sebastian, a hunting trail traced here and there by the mysterious professor, a journey back in time unraveling the intimate relationship between the three.