Режиссёры Viktor Pryduvalov / Віктор Придувалов

Сценаристы Andrey Hoholkin / Андрій Хохолкін

Продюсеры Andriy Rizol / Андрій Різоль

Жанр драма, фантастика

Продолжительность 18:26

Страна Украина


"Valerii is the owner of a large construction company, he holds a meeting in his office. He demands from managers to quickly and for any price achieve the permission to build a multi-level building in a city square even regardless the law vıolatıon. After the meeting his secretary delivers an unexpected box - a present from his old friend. The box contains a gift from the far youth – a pile of old fotoes, photo camera «Kyiv» and a farewell letter from his friend, who tells about his death and asks Valerii to make some fotoes in remarkable places of their youth. Valerii starts to fulfill the last will of passed away friend. His friend, even having left this world, helps Valerii to make the one and only right decision. This fim novel proves that not everything is measured with material welfare. There is something more important and only we ourselves can define what it is. "