Режиссёры Alexander Malinin

Сценаристы Alexander Malinin, Vladimir Stolbenko

Продюсеры Alexander Malinin


Продолжительность 00:11:23

Страна Россия


An ex-military officer Alexey suspects his wife in cheating. A friend of him makes him finally believe in this by constantly pointing at all her oddities. Alexey wants to take revenge against his wife and her lover and puts a catchy firing device in his house. Truthfully, Alexey has a mental disorder and his confidence in his wife’s cheating is mistaken. And his “friend “ is a special form of delusion caused by a strong psychological trauma during the military mission. This imaginary friend finally takes control of him. Alexey ‘s doctor helps him to recover consciousness, separating real world from illusionary. Will Alexey be able to save his wife when there are only few seconds left before the explosion?