The Barber

Режиссёры Cengiz Akayguen

Сценаристы Cengiz Akayguen

Продюсеры Free Monkey Film , Ubikmedia, Cengiz Akaygün


Продолжительность 00:07:50

Страна Германия


As THE BARBER is just in the middle of his routine of tidying and closing his shop with his assistant (Justine), a dark-skinned, bearded man comes in. The frightened stranger obviously seems to be fleeing from something. By chance he encounters the establishment of the barber. Every man knows that you should take your time choosing a barber. Especially as a beard bearer. Because in this case it is not an ordinary barber. For him It does not just depend on what you have on your face, but rather what you wear underneath. But what intentions does the barber really have? And what meaning does the beard have for the guest?