Режиссёры Valentina Ghiringhelli

Сценаристы Valentina Ghiringhelli, Luca Micheli, Tommaso Sacchini

Продюсеры Valentina Ghiringhelli


Продолжительность 00:18:00

Страна Италия


Human destinies are the consequences of his choices and actions.Fossil fuels, petroleum, atomic energy, religious radicalizations, weapons for everyone, pedophilia, corruption, dictatorial and fiscal countries: They are all reflections of a not so cheerful present and presages of a near future.Increased of the life expectation worldwide, almost free healthcare, food nearly for everyone, eco-friendly cities, freedom of movements, affordable knowledge and information: they are the reflection proposed by an action aimed to positivity.In both cases it’s human beings who decide which way to go.What do we want to meet? Will be the positive or the negative actions that determine the plan of our future?Claire lives a near future reality in which the positive actions of the human being seem to have prevailed. His friend Leonardo makes a change to Claire's “Dream Machine” a device that she uses to relax through lucid dreams.Traveling through the dreamlike world she discovers the existence of another reality determined in a very different way from the one that she always believed to be the only one.