Режиссёры Angela Guseva

Сценаристы Angela Guseva

Продюсеры Angela Guseva


Продолжительность 00:14:12

Страна Россия


"Bastards who tied two people in a time of blooming youth, full of life and love, went much further in a sophisticated cruelty. With their shoulder surgery, they ripped the tenderness out of their hearts. And if people died because of physical torture, and some repented in their renunciation, and could live on, then our torture took away from us the very concept of life in life. We're just breathing corpses…»The worst thing for a person is to lose or not have the ability to love. In his narrative, based on real crucial, Henri Barbus showed and has proven, that torture love worse any torture. A very cruel story, a very tough metaphor. The second layer of the story carries a message to all lovers: "Do not push each other, do not close in yourself, do not strangle with your love, otherwise you can not just fall out of love with each other, but even lose the opportunity to love in the future. Take care love!»The third layer shows the horrors of any war, when the so-called winners, dureya of permissiveness, allowed themselves to maim people both morally and physically. In conditions of war, people violate all the thresholds of morality, honor and dignity. This determines the theme itself, tough, able to shoot into the soul of any person.