Baskara ke Wukir

Режиссёры Latifah Fauziyyah Rosidin

Сценаристы Ridho Nugroho

Продюсеры Awaludin Al-Arif


Продолжительность 00:17:58

Страна Индонезия


Baskara (17), the first child of two siblings, lives with her father and younger sister named Ayu (7). His father Darmo (40 years), a migrant worker who was deported because of legal issues. His mother died because of late handling. Baskara worked hard for the treatment of his sister. He is trusted to deliver the election ballot boxes to the village of Wukir behind the hill. Along the way, he discovered various incidents and he realized that people's voting rights were more important than the amount of money he received.