The Seeker

Режиссеры Andrey Kurbatov

Сценаристы Andrey Kurbatov

Продюсеры Polina Shakryl

Жанр Thriller, Drama

Продолжительность 00:17:47

Страна Россия


This fiction picture is made in form of dramatical thriller. The main character is a young man, at first sight he has nothing special and he is lost in his trivial everyday problems. He lives in a modest flat with his beloved girlfriend, suffers the lack of money, but then it comes clear that this man is bored with the way his own life is going. His nature demands (needs) thrilling experience and that results in sport staking. He believes that he is doing that just to earn money, however his subconscious aim is to add new emotions to his dull daily routine. … his relationship is getting worth. The character becomes more and more withdrawn into himself, his consciousness gets confused and caught in an endless loop.