Revealing the truth

Режиссёры Saptarshi Das, Akash Dikshit

Сценаристы Saptarshi Das, Akash Dikshit

Продюсеры Saptarshi Das, Akash Dikshit


Продолжительность 00:06:59

Страна Индия


We worship goddess Durga, the invincible. We grovel at her feet to eliminate our sufferings; we celebrate her homecoming every autumn with beating drums and blowing conch shells. We bow our head, kneel before her sheer magnificence and fold our palms in respect and wonder. With those very palms we strike our new bride, for not bringing enough dowry. Our hand print remains on her cheek; She apply foundation the next day wondering if these are the kind of marks concealers are supposed to ‘conceal’. Every time, she question her own safety outside the house even after the street lights are lit, a part of her fades away. She flinch even in broad daylight, what good are street lights. We choose to destroy her, denigrating her existence and quenching our raging lust through her feeble body, lifeless once we are done.How fervently we worship our goddesses and how easily we forget the mortal.