Naple's treasure

Режиссёры Loris arduino

Сценаристы Loris arduino

Продюсеры Andrea ciardulli

Жанр Drammatic

Продолжительность 00:14:50

Страна Италия


An elderly Pulcinella, in the middle of a crowded street, tries to attract the attention of the busy passers-by. His attempts, however, have no effect, and people keep walking around him without paying him the slightest attention.The greater indifference of the people, the more excited their movements become; his ineffective attempts continue until nightfall, as long as he remains alone.He then starts, disconsolate, with slow steps, dragging himself towards his home, in an ancient and popular district of the city.Near his house a group of scugnizzi begins to taunt him, as happens every day when he returns from the unsuccessful days spent on the road.Entering the house, he approaches the radiator, from which hangs a short rope ending in a noose. At the sound of a traditional Neapolitan song coming from a gramophone, he sits on a stool next to the radiator, and leans his head on it.