The Heart has no BOUNDARIES - Il Cuore non ha CONFINI

Режиссёры Paolo Milocco

Сценаристы Paolo Milocco

Продюсеры Paolo Milocco


Продолжительность 00:14:59

Страна Италия


THE HEART HAS NO BOUNDARIES is a film about tolerance and understanding about the help we all ow to the disadvantaged and about love that is the only thing that can mediate a solution.In spite of their different nationality, religion, and culture, two women are bound by the same destiny;suffering doesn't spare anyone. We are all equal under the sky.We are all people looking for solidarity.An African mother arrives with her daughter in the land of hope, after having experienced moments of terror and a profound suffering that the sea and life they reserved them. They are alive and can finally embrace and hope for a better future. Suffering does not spare even a young Italian mother and her son; to chase a toy boat, the child finds himself in the open sea and risks drowning: he will be saved by his father. The two women, although of different nationalities, religions and cultures, are bound by the same destiny: suffering does not spare anyone and under the starry mantle we are all the same, we are human beings looking for solidarity.