My friend - Bualo

Режиссёры Sofia Fedorova

Сценаристы Sofia Fedorova

Продюсеры Igor Pochinko

Жанр Drama, Criminal

Продолжительность 00:21:09

Страна Россия


The story is told by Bualo. He is Russian misfit. He almost doesn’t communicate with people, sits at home on the outskirts of the Saint-Petersburg and watch TV. Bualo to a large extant not even alive person, he is like collective image from books and movies of all villains, mobsters and assassins. He has no moral, no ethics. But the story itself is not about Bualo, it’s about his acquaintance - Valya. Valya is copying fiction image of Bualo and decided to verify what he’s wiling to do for money. And became thereby to contemporary Roskolnikov.